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Meetings are from 9.30am until 12.00 and are held on the second floor of Launceston library.

Newcomers are very welcome to join the meetings.




Society of Women Writers of Tasmania

Meeting minutes for 2.8.2021

Present Mary Farr; Wendy Laing; Philip Archer; Ros Sydes; Kathy Duff; Catherine Marshall; Andrea Sindorff; Maria Webster; Annette Clark; Laura Sykes; Yvonne Gluyas

Apologies Ruth Williams; Penny Garnsworthy; Madeline Colam

Meeting began 9.50am, arrivals completed the ‘Settling in’ exercise.

l  Mary to send Loretta McCarthy a letter of thanks for being a member for so many years. Loretta has decided not to renew her membership, as living in WA doesn’t permit active participation.

l  Sally Odgers has agreed to be the SWWT’s patron. We all welcome Sally.

l  The committee are to look into changing our title to Society of Writers of Tasmania (SWT), to allow for male membership.

l  Homework ‘Convicts’ was read, some very interesting pieces. Next month’s topic is ‘Water’

l  Raffle won by Catherine.

l  Poetry competition is still open to entries. Send to Wendy at wendylaing02@gmail.com  A reminder that the theme is ‘New Beginnings’.

l  The Short Story competition was finalized, with Sally Ogden choosing 2 of the stories in a tie for first prize. They were ‘Annie’ and ‘Shedding the Chrysalis’.

l  The AGM has been chosen for Monday 4th October. Leading up to this the correct protocol will be followed and nominations etc delivered to all members.

l  Yvonne told us about up coming poetry events. If you need reminding or to find out what’s going on, please contact her on 0413321834

l  Wendy took us through a very interesting exercise based on writing using the rules of ‘Dialogue.’

l  At the next meeting anyone with a published novel is encouraged to bring it/them for display and/or sales.

l  We finished by Mary and Annette reading out loud the 2 winning short stories.

Meeting finished 12.05

Next meeting  Monday 6th September at the Library. This will be followed by a Committee meeting.



Society of Women Writers of Tasmania

General meeting held at the Launceston Library  5.7.2021

General Meeting

Opened - 9.40am

Present Mary Farr, Ros Sydes, Wendy Laing, Ruth Williams, Liz Russell Arnott, Janet Berry, Kathy Duff, Madeline Colam, Annette Clark, Andrea Sindorff, Liz Dobell, Laura Sykes, Philip Archer, Yvonne Gluyas

Apologies Catherine Marshall, Robyn Mathison.

General Business

l  The coming Poetry competition is open. Cost is $10.00 for upwards of two poetry entries. Closes 31st October. 

l  The Short Story competition is closed and judging will begin soon. Sally Odgers will be invited to judge the finalists again this year.

l  Wendy has finished archiving 35 years of SWWT paperwork and meeting minutes etc. She will hold them at her home. Anyone who wishes to view or borrow them is welcome.  If Wendy is unable to keep them, they will be passed on to the Secretary at that time.

l   Homework titled ‘Winter’ was read out. Next month’s topic is ‘Convicts’.

l  A ‘round robin’ had everyone introduce themselves; their reason for coming and their love of writing/what they write; Our guest, Philip Archer, was given the advice he sought - how to write his memoirs and where was there a writing group he could attend?

l  Raffle was won by Yvonne Gluyas

l  A quick exercise on use of dialogue in writing was completed in record time! Thanks Wendy.

Meeting closed 11.30am.

Next meeting - 2.8.2021

Committee meeting

Present - Mary Farr, Wendy Laing, Ros Sydes, Kathy Duff, Madeline Colam, Annette Clark, Liz Russell-Arnott, Andrea Sindorff, Liz Dobell, Laura Sykes.

Apologies Catherine Marshall, Robyn Mathison

Minutes of last meeting read. Accepted Robyn, 2nd Annette


Business Arising

l  Completed archives to be kept at Wendy’s home. If this becomes impossible they are to be given to the Secretary for safe keeping. If there are any other donations for the archives please give them to Wendy.

l  The position of Patron for the SWWT is now vacant. Wendy read the duties of a Patron to us, and after discussion, a unanimous vote from members, suggested Sally Odger be offered the position. It was also passed that in the future, Patrons will only hold the position for 2 years - suggested by Janet Berry. New patron to be welcomed at the coming AGM.

President’s report Short Story competition has closed; Poetry competition has opened; Judging for the short stories will begin; Patron’s duties read out. To reiterate - Sally Odgers be invited to accept position of Patron - Mary to write letter, also to ask Sally to judge the Rose Francombe Short Story competition finalists.

Treasurer’s report  See copies on file. Commonwealth Bank Account holds $2,868.93; SWWT investment monies of $2,240.09, have been reinvested with  TPT Wealth. Accepted by Robyn, 2nd by Liz

Membership report we have 43 current members. Annual membership fees now due.

Secretary report One outgoing letter to previous Patron, Kate Warner, thanking her for her patronage; Incoming email from member Jacqueline Lonsdale-Ceurton, checking in!; Incoming email from Rachel Edwards seeking info re SWWT for a coming radio interview.

Competition Co-ordinator see under President’s report. Wendy explained the origins of both Short Story and Poetry comps.

General Business

l  Mary to send new members/attendees copy of latest Stylus.

l  Mary to send to Wendy names etc of new members/attendees.

l   Need to update all members information eg address/phone etc

l  A SWWT anthology would be great, but cost approx $3,000. It will have to wait.

l  Kathy updated birthday dates to celebrate at coming meetings etc.

l  We were asked to recognise NADOC week, by Liz. 

 Meeting closed 12.00 noon. Thanks Janet for photos taken of our lovely large group - see on our facebook page.

Next meeting 2/8/2021




Society of Women Writers of Tasmania

Meeting held at the Launceston Library 7/6/2021

(Note amended minutes - thanks Ros so much for taking minutes in my absence)

Meeting opened 9.45am

Present - Wendy Laing; Ros Sydes; Catherine Marshall; Ruth Williams; Madeline Colam; Annette Clark.

Apologies - Mary Farr; Robyn Mathison; Kathy Duff; Janet Berry.

Homework - ‘New Beginnings’. Read out and comments shared. Homework for next meeting - ‘Winter’ 750 words

Discussions -

l  We welcome 2 new members to our group - Madeline Colam and Annette Clark. There has been one other inquiry, who sent an apology for this meet, but will hopefully attend the next.

l  Wendy is organising 32 years of archives, that were held by Rose Francombe over her years as a member/committee member. Ros has helped Wendy, remembering when Workshops were run and magazines were mailed out to members. The original newsletter was called Styl-us, now called Stylus.

l  Catherine Marshall said she has received the proof copy of the third book in her Trilogy called ‘Ten Thousand Miles’. She also advised that the Australian Writers Centre, Sydney offers good courses. When you register you also receive free access to audio files and printouts for one year. Catherine is enrolled in one called Structure.

l  Wendy advised that out patron Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner resigned as the Governor of Tasmania this month. We will now need a new patron. Members are encouraged to think about who would be suitable. It would be nice to have someone involved with SWWT. Suggestions - Sally Odgers; Marilyn Arnold; Yvonne Gluyas; life member Robyn Mathison (all inaugural members); Jane Waite.

Meeting closed 12.00noon.

Next meeting July 5th 2021


















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Laura | Reply 29.06.2021 18:02

Hello. I'm keen to come along to your next meeting on the 5th July.
With thanks Laura.

Catherine Smith | Reply 22.11.2018 13:08

Hello Trish and Claire, my name is Catherine and I am also keen to meet other women in the Hobart area who write. Have you organized any times to get together?

swwtas@gmail.com | Reply 26.09.2018 23:29

Hi, Claire. No SWWT meetings in Hobart but women writers do meet regularly. Look up Robyn Mathison on our committee list and contact her for more info... Cheers

Claire | Reply 26.09.2018 18:23

Hi there
I'm based in Hobart and keen to meet other women who are writing.
Is there a meeting coming up in Hobart?

Trish McGuire 16.10.2018 11:49

Hi Claire,
I am based in Hobart and looking at forming Hobart meetings where people can share works and ideas face to face!
Love to hear from you! Trish

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09.08 | 09:06

Hello MJ, the competition organiser has advised me that a list of shortlisted stories will not be published. Thanks for your inquiry.

06.08 | 08:46

Hello. Will you be announcing the shortlisted stories for 2021?
Congratulations to the winners!

20.07 | 18:18

Hi Deborah, the results will be available in a month or two, there is no set date. The results will be posted on this website and the facebook page.

20.07 | 17:18

Hello, I am wondering when the Rose Fankcombe Short Story Prize longlist/shortlist is likely to be announced, please. I cannot see a date.

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