Next meeting August 6, 2018 - Launceston

In Launceston we meet at LINC - Level 2, Room 1, 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. All welcome.

Homework: Use the article How To Keep A Journal and write 150 to 200 words on any of the written ideas (article reads as follows):

A blank page, oh no! Once you get into the routine of writing in your journal each day, the fear will go away. But if you ever get stuck, here are a few ideas to get you moving again:

  • Where are you? Describe the location as if you’ve never seen it before. Find interesting details. Use your senses
  • Make lists. Your favourite words or foods, or dog breeds, wines - anything goes
  • What books do you wish you’d written? Why?
  • Write in the first person as one of your characters. What would they think if they were looking around your location right now?
  • Try a poem. A haiku is a nice challenge to get you thinking about syllables and the rhythm of words
  • Write a story in exactly 150 words. Choose one of these prompts - fire, magpie, broken, red, mist
  • Write a logline (one sentence summary) for a story you’ve written
  • What will your author’s biography be inside of your novel’s back cover? Write a current one. Now imagine a future you, who has become a huge publishing success. What does that bio look like?
  • Describe the house you lived in when you were ten, in the third person POV. Get both the physical and the emotional details down

Is journaling part of your life? If not, think seriously about starting a journal.


A Chocolate Poetry Competition is being run in conjunction with the Latrobe Heat of the Australian Poetry Slam which will be held at the Chocolate Winterfest in Latrobe on Sunday, 12th August.  Do you like writing poetry and eating chocolate? Now is your chance to do both.
To request more competition information, including the rules of entry please contact Joy at email: wordsunited@maisonrond.com                                                                      or phone Yvonne on 041 332 1834.

The full winterfest program has been released. Download a pdf. from this link: https://www.chocolatewinterfest.com.au/program/

Tea or coffee is available at the SWWT meetings.

Gold coin donation.

All welcome.

Annual General Meeting

The SWWT AGM was held at LINC, Launceston on October 2, 2017. The Society and its members offer congratulations and appreciation to those who have stepped down or stepped forward to form the new Executive and Committee for 2017-2018.

To SWWT's immediate past president Marilyn Arnold, who for a time was also Stylus editor, thank you.

A special mention goes to Wendy Laing who has not only taken on the Stylus editorship, but has once again taken on the position of President while retaining the post of Competitions Secretary, thank you.

Warm thanks go to our vice presidents, north and south, Elizabeth Russell-Arnot and Robyn Mathison for their continuing service in these roles and to the Society, with a particular mention of Robyn Mathison for her long ministration as Coffee Break editor on behalf of the Society (Coffee Break is now in abeyance).Thank you.

An immense debt of gratitude goes to our long-standing treasurer, Jane Waite, for her many years of service in that position. Well done and thank you.

Following in Jane's footsteps as treasurer, Anne Wilde and Ros Sydes will share aspects of the role. Best wishes and thank you.

Mary Farr, who will continue as the Minutes Secretary. Thank you.

Yvonne Saw, who has been the postal magazine Ripples' editor for many years. Thank you.

To former president Yvonne Gluyas who continues as a committee member, thank you.

And a final word of thanks to Christina Booth, who not only designed the new SWWT logo, but for a time was Vice President (North) and Stylus editor. Thank you.

Committee 2017-2018:

President - Wendy Laing  

Vice President North - Liz Russell Arnot 

Vice President South - Robyn Mathison

Treasurer - Anne Wilde 

Public Officer - Anne Wilde

Secretary - minutes - Mary Farr

Secretary - competitions - Wendy Laing

Membership Officer - Ros Sydes

Committee members - Yvonne Gluyas

Stylus Editor- Wendy Laing

Website and FB Administrator- Rose Frankcombe

Magazine editors- eWings: Anne Wilde assisted by Elizabeth Russell-Arnot; Coffee Break (in abeyance); Ripples: Yvonne Saw


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19.09 | 10:41

can you please tell me where to see the results of last competition which closed on 31st August.

03.09 | 11:41

It is too late for our competition so here is a good site to find competitions that are still open.
Wendy Laing

01.09 | 07:13

I've only just now discovered your short story competition and saw that entries closed yesterday! I have the perfect story to enter. Is it really too late?

26.08 | 23:06

I like yous saide& love poetry

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